The Bicycle Friendly Sticker is an easy way to show your support for cycling and cyclists. It’s also a great way to remind friends, neighbors and fellow businesses of the importance of being a bicycle friendly community.

Bike Shops and bicycle clubs are ideal organizations to help us make the Bicycle Friendly Sticker movement the universally recognized symbol for support of cyclists or cyclists in need.

By displaying the blue-and-white decal, owners of residences, cars and businesses make it known that cyclists can ask for help if they need it. A cyclist can approach a residence or business and request water, shelter or to make an emergency phone call.

The cost of the decal is $1. Proceeds support the Lindsey Wilson College cycling program.

Here is the story of how the Bicycle Friendly Sticker came about as explained by David Grigsby, Head Cycling Coach at Lindsey Wilson College:

The idea for the bicycle friendly sticker didn’t actually come from the cycling community, but from some people who live along one of our riding routes.

I was asked to speak at a local Rotary Club meeting about our college cycling team as we had just brought home a National Championship.

After my talk I took questions. One of the members asked, “Coach, can you get a message to your team? I see them riding by my house all the time and I wanted you to let them know…”

(At this point I was bracing myself for a possible complaint of some nature)

“…I want you to let them know that if they need anything, like water or a phone, to use the restroom, that they are welcome to stop at my house and ask.”

I was speechless.

He continued, “Perhaps we can come up with a sticker for our mailboxes to remind the cyclists which houses they are welcome at.”

After a couple of days this idea and the absolute kindness from which it came just wouldn’t stop speaking to me.

I went back to Jerry Holt, the member who had proposed the idea and asked him if we might take that idea and run with it to get the whole community on board.

In hopes of covering our cost for the stickers maybe we could ask for a donation of $1 and if there was any change left over we could put it toward our annual fundraiser.

Jerry gave us his enthusiastic blessing and we ordered our first 500 stickers.

Little did we know that within 2 days they would all be gone and later that week, word reached Velonews.

The next week, orders came in from 23 states, Canada, Australia, Spain, and The U.K.

A simple message of kindness had spoken to people all over the country and the world, and is still sweeping the cycling community like a wildfire.