Tryphena Fricposted from Calgary, AB Canada

My sticker arrived yesterday, thank you! Calgary is a wonderful, relatively young city (compared to other major Canadian cities) and the city just passed a cycling budget for the next three years to improve bicycle safety and designated roads and paved areas for cyclists. getting closer and closer to becoming a safer city to ride in :) . I love this initiative, and I am proudly supporting all the way up in Alberta!

- Tryphena Fricposted from Calgary, AB Canada

Mike W from Atlanta, Georgia

Stickers arrived today. I think this is a great movement you’ve started in the cycling community and I love that it also supports collegiate cycling. Well done sir.

- Mike W from Atlanta, Georgia

Paul M. Transportation Planner from Tustin, CA.

Thanks for the stickers! Now I’m going to incorporate them into Bicycle Planning in Southern California.

- Paul M. Transportation Planner from  Tustin, CA.

Mike W. from San Francisco, CA

I was recently involved in a conflict with a driver who was unwilling to share the road with cyclists and I’ve been looking for some way to turn my anger into optimism. When I came across your site it really spoke to me. Keep up the good work.

- Mike W. from San Francisco, CA

Don Hunt

Let’s sweep the world!

I’m down for 50. I want to spread the message.

A friend of mine said it reminded her of signs left for hobos in the depression http://www.worldpath.net/~minstrel/hobosign.htm

- Don Hunt